??? Tickets ???

  Warm weather, good music + friends

We're conveniently located on the RR tracks smack dab in the middle of downtown Thorndike. There are wheels on the can but it ain't going anywhere. There are usually snacks and drinks for sale or free. There is a porta potty right across the road so bring a flashlight and a friend for something a little different (don't take your friend to the porta potty with you though). Experience musicians you have never heard of in a town you've never been to in an exotic boxcar on a track that goes from nowhere to nowhere.  

Location + Hours

Yep these gals are the ticket. 

Unfortunately Thorndike is not on their tour agenda. There are no such things as tickets at the DENTED CAN. Get there early to get a good seat (they are all good). Usually the artists charge what they please or take donations. This is an above ground, underground Railroad. Don't tell everybody about it,  just your friends.   

This is the first music venue in Thorndike since a time when the trains ran through town and horses were the default mode of transport. The DENTED CAN  is available for any artist or musician who would like to put on an intimate show. No sound amplification is necessary but can be used if need be. The natural acoustics are fine and  It seats about 50-60 cozily. 

Upcoming Shows

 Now booking for the spring