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The Dented Can is the project of Doug Nye. The Box car is a rare, pre WW II,  Sweedish model that came over the Atlantic with a Steam locomotive in the early 90's to be used as a tourist attraction in Unity Maine. That effort ran it's course  and the engine had been sold off.  This car was one of two that was languishing looking at the potential of being scrapped. Being a musician the idea of a music venue was the natural use that came to mind for Doug. It is decorated based on a Cowboy theme using all of the toys left from  Doug's  childhood steeped in the aura  of Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, The Cisco Kid. and the long list of cowpokes that molded his impressionable, young  mind. It is no accident that Doug has ended up being a pretty darn good spittin image of Gabby Hayes. 

     The DENTED CAN and the other car, to be used as a bookstore/cafe/gallery, will occupy the RR siding next to Garden Variety along with a turn of the century wooden coach being repurposed and refurbished caboose. The entire endeavor has been coined "Side Track" and We are open to almost any creative use of the DENTED CAN and these great old cars. We would like to see local artists display their work and plans are in the making for everything from home moive nights to poetry slams and of course music. Contact Doug with your great ideas and enthusiasm.  

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